SI Volume 7 Issue 1

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

We are glad to share with you the content of the first issue of 2019 of Surface Innovations with eight papers on variety of topics related to surfaces, interfaces, coatings and nanotechnology. Beside regular summary of the issue content, our Editorial also reports ceremony of Doctor Honoris Cause by Poznan University of Technology and International Symposium on Advanced Materials and Sustainable Technologies that was sponsored by ICE Publishing, with poster awards provided by Surface Innovations. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

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Golden Allison!

Allison Hein with MTU President

Big congratulations to Allison for winning one of the Making a Difference Awards. She competed with 14 other nominees in the Above and Beyond category and won this award. A short quotation from the nomination letter: “Allison’s competence and effectiveness is revealed by the inarguable impact that it has had on the productivity of the MSE Department and its faculty. ….her unique skill set has facilitated this era of high efficiency, effectiveness, and success among our faculty.”
We are proud to have you Allison as the member of SURFI team!

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Seed Grant Award


The SURFI team was among six teams awarded with seed grants by the MTU College of Engineering. This award will allow the SURFI team to explore a new design of biodegradable Zn-based stents for vascular scaffolding.

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From Afghanistan to our Lab

Jeffrey Brookins

The Graduate School with the help from us submitted a GradImpact story on one of our Michigan Tech alums and veterans, Jeffrey Brookins, entitled: Finding a Path from Afghanistan to Materials Science. The submission was chosen and published on November 16, 2018. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

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Business Trip to China

Ceremony of signing agreement

Prof. Jarek Drelich was invited to Zhengzhou in China to attend the Talent Recruitment & Project Matchmaking Event for Innovation and Development conference (October 27-28, 2018). The meeting was a high-level, large-scale talents recruitment event hosted by the Henan Provincial Committee, the People’s Government of Henan Province, and Western Returned Scholars Association. The conference was committed to putting the strategy of reinvigorating Henan through human resource development into action. Themed with “Embrace Talents Worldwide to Power the Future of Central Plains,” it aimed to build a platform for Henan Province to promote talent policies, showcase talent achievements, recruit more talents and advance projects cooperation. During this meeting, Prof. Drelich signed an intent of collaboration with Zhengzhou Huaxiang Refractories Co. Ltd on a project related to development and testing of novel porous materials for environmental cleaning, one of a few projects selected and approved by government of the Henan province. He also visited the company to discuss possible future directions of collaboration.

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Scholar from China

Donghui Wang

The SURFI Team welcomes a new addition to our team, Donghui Wang. Donghui has arrived from the School of Resources and Civil Engineering at Northeastern University in P.R. China in a middle of October. He will explore fundamentals of hematite flotation in the presence of quartz and magnetite by exploring water-mineral interactions in the presence and absence of flotation reagents.

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Keynote Address

Jaroslaw Drelich in Poster Session

Prof. Jarek Drelich attended the XVIth International Conference on Surface Forces that took place this year in Kazan, Russia. He delivered a keynote address entitled Direct Measurements of Liquid Adhesion with Solids: Gateway to a Multi-Faceted Understanding of Contact Angles. He also presented a poster prepared by Georgia Hurchalla and entitled Water-Repellent Legs of Water Insects.
The meeting covered new scientific developments in the area of colloid and surface science from chemistry to physics and engineering with the emphasis on the fundamentals of surface interactions including wetting. This series of meetings was initiated in 1960 by famous Russian scientist academician B.V. Derjaguin.
The Conference program included seven keynote lectures, four days of oral presentations, and two poster sessions. The meeting took place in a center of tourist downtown of Kazan, and program included a tour to Sviyazhsk island.
Beside strong scientific program, attractive location, this meeting solidified a collaboration between SURFI and Russian Academy of Sciences.

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SI Volume 6 Issue 4-5

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

We are glad to share with you the content of the last issue of 2018 of Surface Innovations with two impressive Invited Feature Articles, two Innovation Letters, and eight original Research Articles.

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Georgia Hurchalla – MS Defense

Georgia Hurchalla

Congratulations to Georgia Hurchalla for successfully defending her MS Thesis on Effect of Hierarchical Structure and Orientation on Water – Repellant Legs of Water-Walking Insects! Georgia will leave SURFI team in August heading to industry.

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Jeff Brookins – MS Defense

MS Defense

Congratulations to Jeff Brookins for successfully defending his MS Thesis on Development and Characterization of Biodegradable Zinc Vascular Ligation Clips! Jeff leaves us this week to start his PhD program at the University of Tennessee.

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