SI Volume 9 Issue 4

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

We would like to share with you the content of the issue 4 of 2021 of Surface Innovations. In this fourth issue, we offer a leading Invited Feature Article on formulation and characterization of bioactive coatings on magnesium alloys using the plasma electrolytic oxidation method and six original technical contributions on topics related to surface nanostructures for optical, optoelectronic, electrical, and catalytic devices, wetting of superhydrophobic patterns and anti-wear coatings:

The effect of PEO parameters on the properties of biodegradable Mg alloys: a review; Mehdi Esmaeili, Mehran Tadayonsaidi, Babak Ghorbanian; pp. 184–198
Fabrication of novel pyramid-textured and nanostructured Cu2O/Si heterojunctions; Ji Ma, Zhiwei Wang, Hao Qi, Peng Pan, Xianzhong Lang, Zuming He, Bin Tang, Jiangbin Su; pp. 199–206
Nanosized Si space-confined in 3D porous Cu as anode for high-performance lithium storage; Jiamin Wang, Zhijia Zhang, Shihao Sun, Shen Yuan, Weijie Li, Zhijun Qiao, Zhenyang Yu, Jianli Kang; pp. 207–213
Porous nanocrystalline WO3 thin films: fabrication, electrical and optical properties; Zhiwei Wang, Jiangbin Su, Hao Qi, Peng Pan, Meiping Jiang; pp. 214–221
Carbon- and oxygen-doped hexagonal boron nitride for degradation of organic pollutants; Feng Liu, Rui Han, Andrew Nattestad, Xudong Sun, Zhenguo Huang; pp. 222–230
Thermodynamic analysis of hydrophobic property of a circular truncated cone microtexture; Xin Sui, Yongyang Sun, Wenyan Liang, Yubo Wang; pp. 231–242
Effect of CeO2 concentration on the microstructure and wear behavior of Co–WC composites; Ya-gang Zhang, Wan-chang Sun, Min Ma, Yu-wan Liu, Sha-sha Tian, Yan Xiao; pp. 243–253

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