Jarek Drelich Professor Jarek Drelich
Leader of the SURFI Team

Allison Hein Ms. Allison Hein
Research Engineer and Scientist
Assists the team with proposal preparation and projects administration

Hua-Lan Jin Dr. Hua-Lan Jin

Project: Bioabsorbable metallic materials
Avishan Arabshomali Avishan Arabshomali
MS Candidate
Project: Polymeric coating of zinc
Zhiyong Yin Zhiyong Yin
PhD Candidate
Project: Zinc-based stents
Georgia-Hurchalla Georgia Hurchalla
MSE Senior
Project: Superhydrophilic coatings
philip-staublin2 Philip Staublin
MSE Junior
Project: Analysis of Zn biocorossion
Kristen-Bull Kristen Bull
MSE Junior
Project: Mimicking aquatic surfaces
Erin-Neil Erin Neil
MSE Junior
Project: Ceramics

yujin-sun Yujin Sun
PhD Scholar
Project: Fundamentals of Flotation
Xubo Liu Dr. Xubo Liu

Project: Processing of Zn alloys
2016 Shan-Portrait Shan Zhao
Ph.D Candidate
Project: Bioabsorbable metallic stents
roger-guillory2 Roger Guillory II
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Prof. J. Goldman/Co-Advisor: Prof. J. Drelich)
Project: Biocompatibility of Zn and Zn alloys
Jeff Brookins Jeff Brookins
MSE Senior
Project: Biodegradable clips
Kyle Hrubecky Kyle Hrubecky
MSE Sophomore
Project: Electrochemistry of Zn stent materials

Biodegradable Medical Materials

The SURFI team is involved with organization and preparation of the International Symposium “Biodegradable Materials for Medical Applications” at The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS) 2018 Annual Meeting. This international symposium is organized by the TMS Biomaterials Committee. The …
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2017 Spring Graduation

Congratulations to Shan and Avishan! Our charming ladies just graduated this spring. Shan completed her PhD program on Zn-Li bioalloys and Avishan her MS program on coating Zn with biodegradable polymer. They will be leaving us at the end of …
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Award and Fellowship

Congratulations to Jeff! He was selected as the recipient of the Richard Shorraw Award. The Richard Sharrow Award is given to a student who has demonstrated a significant academic improvement through his career at MTU-MSE Department, and has demonstrated good …
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SURFI Group Fall 2013

SURFI Group Fall 2013