SURFI Team 2016/17

Publication on Zn-Al Bioalloys

Special high grade zinc and wrought zinc-aluminum (Zn-Al) alloys containing up to 5.5 wt% Al were processed, characterized, and implanted in rats in search of a new family of alloys with possible applications as bioabsorbable endovascular stents. The results of … Read More »

Terminology of Contact Angles

The rapid pace and shear number of papers published in recent years on contact angles, wetting, and non-wetting surfaces has lend itself to misconceptions and misuses of terminology, measurement techniques, and interpretation of experimental results. Terms describing contact angles, wettability, … Read More »

Outstanding Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Shan! She is a recipient of the Outstanding Scholarship Award in MSE Department recognizing her academic performance. She was nominated by department. A certificate of recognition for this award will be presented at the Graduate Research Colloquium Banquet … Read More »

Bioabsorbable Stents Bioabsorbable Stents
We search for new biodegradable alloys that could revolutionize cardiovascular stent industry.
Antibacterial Materials Antibacterial Materials
We invented new inexpensive antibacterial material and explore its potential applications in water filtration, food packaging, and many others.
RHX Ceramic Dating RHX Ceramic Dating
We study the rates of rehydration and rehydroxylation processes for fired clay-based ceramics as a tool for dating ceramic archeological artifacts.
Smart Surfaces Smart Surfaces
We architecture nanostructures, nanotubes, and molecular layers to control wetting or other properties of surfaces.
Mineral and Materials Processing Mineral and Materials Processing
We have a long tradition of development and testing physical separation technologies for selective recovery of minerals from ores, plastics from waste, and cellulose fibers from wastepaper.


Professor Jaroslaw (Jarek) Drelich

MicroTechno Solutions