Visitor from Brazil

We are happy to host Prof. Sergio N. Monteiro from the Military Institute of Engineering in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He studies natural fibers and their applications in ballistic armors. He has been collaborating with us on natural fiber – … Read More »


Congratulations to Shan! The Graduate School Dean’s Advisory Panel has recommended that her application for a PhD Finishing Fellowship be approved. Competition for these awards is always strong, and she should be proud of her accomplishments. The panel was impressed … Read More »

Contact Angle Symposium

Dr. Drelich attended 10th International Symposium on Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion that took place at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, on July 13-15. He replaced Sara Schellbach, who was originally scheduled to attend this meeting, and … Read More »

Bioabsorbable Stents Bioabsorbable Stents
We search for new biodegradable alloys that could revolutionize cardiovascular stent industry.
Antibacterial Materials Antibacterial Materials
We invented new inexpensive antibacterial material and explore its potential applications in water filtration, food packaging, and many others.
RHX Ceramic Dating RHX Ceramic Dating
We study the rates of rehydration and rehydroxylation processes for fired clay-based ceramics as a tool for dating ceramic archeological artifacts.
Smart Surfaces Smart Surfaces
We architecture nanostructures, nanotubes, and molecular layers to control wetting or other properties of surfaces.
Mineral and Materials Processing Mineral and Materials Processing
We have a long tradition of development and testing physical separation technologies for selective recovery of minerals from ores, plastics from waste, and cellulose fibers from wastepaper.


Professor Jaroslaw (Jarek) Drelich

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