Jarek Drelich Professor Jarek Drelich
Leader of the SURFI Team

Allison Hein Ms. Allison Hein
Research Engineer and Scientist
Assists the team with proposal preparation and projects administration

Hua-Lan Jin Dr. Hua-Lan Jin

Project: Bioabsorbable metallic materials
Avishan Arabshomali Avishan Arabshomali
Research Assistant
Project: Polymeric coating of zinc
Zhiyong Yin Zhiyong Yin
M.S. Candidate
Project: Zinc-based stents
Georgia-Hurchalla Georgia Hurchalla
M.S. Candidate
Project: Wetting and adhesion in natural designs
Morteza Shaker Morteza Shaker
Ph.D. Candidate
Project: Fundamentals of Zn alloys

yujin-sun Yujin Sun
PhD Scholar
Project: Fundamentals of Flotation
Xubo Liu Dr. Xubo Liu

Project: Processing of Zn alloys
Dr. Ehsan Mostaed Dr. Ehsan Mostaed
Postdoctoral Fellow
Project: Bioabsorbable metallic stents
roger-guillory2 Roger Guillory II
PhD Candidate (Advisor: Prof. J. Goldman/Co-Advisor: Prof. J. Drelich)
Project: Biocompatibility of Zn and Zn alloys
Jeff Brookins Jeff Brookins
M.S. Candidate
Project: Biodegradable clips

Emily Graduates

Congratulations to Emily Tom! She successfully defended her M.S. Thesis entitled Exploring Rapid Solidification and Equal Channel Angular Pressing in the Fabrication of Mg-based Alloys for Medical Applications. The development of magnesium bioresorbable implants has become increasingly popular due to …
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SI Impact Factor

We are glad to report that the journal impact factor (IF) for Surface Innovations rose to 2.845 from 2.333 in 2019. This is the fourth year in a row when the journal climbs in ranking.
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SI Volume 8 Issue 4

We would like to share with you the content of the fourth issue of 2020 of Surface Innovations. This issue offers Invited Feature Article on plasma surface modifications of orthopedic biomaterials and three original papers on bioresorbable medical materials. Hope …
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SURFI Group Fall 2013

SURFI Group Fall 2013