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Top Citations in SI

Our paper entitled “Guidelines to measurements of reproducible contact angles using a sessile-drop technique” remains the top cited paper among all contributions published in the Surface Innovations journal. Most likely, it will remain at this lead for quite some time. … Continue reading

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Review on Stent Materials

Metallic stents are commonly used to promote revascularization and maintain patency of plaqued or damaged arteries following balloon angioplasty. To mitigate the long-term side effects associated with corrosion-resistant stents (i.e. chronic inflammation and late stage thrombosis), a new generation of … Continue reading

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MSGC Undergraduate Research Award

Congratulations to Catherine for winning the Michigan Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Fellowship. She will conduct a research on Recrystallization and Coarsening of Hot-Extruded Bioabsorbable Binary Zn Alloys in the 2016/2017 academic year.

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