2016 TMS Meeting


Energy Committee

The TMS annual meeting in Nashville this year was very productive. First, Dr. Bowen and Prof. Drelich served as co-organizers to a mini-symposium entitled Magnesium-based Bioabsorbable Implants that was part of 2016 Magnesium Technology conference. Both of them represented the Biomaterials Committee, although unfortunately Dr. Bowen could not attend this meeting. This mini-symposium had two sessions with 15 papers, all of which were presented and published in conference proceedings. The Biomaterials Committee will sponsor future symposia on biodegradable materials and the next one is planning for 2018 – during the TMS annual meeting in Phoenix.
Third, Prof. Drelich completed his 6-years (3×2 years) term as Vice-Chair, Chair, and Past Chair of the Energy Committee (see photo on the left: Dr. Donna P. Guillen – Chair, Dr. Cong Wang – Vice Chair, and Prof. Drelich – Past Chair). Prof. Drelich volunteered to co-organize the symposium on Energy Technologies to be hold during the 2017 TMS Annual Meeting.
Fourth, Prof. Drelich will continue to serve as the EPD representative to the Professional Development Committee. Prof. Drelich will work with seven other TMS members to develop professional courses, workshops and webinars for 2017 and beyond.

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