Good-bye to Patrick

Patrick Graduation

After Commencement with Patrick

Patrick, now Dr. Bowen, has completed his four-year PhD program at Michigan Tech and is going to challenge his skills in industry. He will work for Deringer-Ney Inc. in Bloomfield, Connecticut as the Senior Research Metallurgist.
We are thankful to Patrick for his numerous scientific and engineering contributions to our program on bioadsorbable metal stents. He was the pillar of this program for five years, since he started to work on senior design project, before he committed his talent to the graduate program. Patrick published several papers, many of which appeared in high-impact journals, and either advised or assisted many other students. He also contributed strongly to the NSF – supported program on rehydroxylation of ceramic artifacts and Michigan State – supported project on antimicrobial vermiculite. Patrick has mastered many characterization methods including SEM, AFM, TEM, XRD, and others, and proposed several scientific ideas and engineering innovations.

We hope that Patrick will continue his involvement with our team in years to come and we expect that this fruitful collaboration will conclude with new joint publications.

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