Keynote on Fish Skin and More

Jarek Drelich during fishing

Prof. Jarek Drelich attended the 148th Annual TMS Meeting & Exhibition in San Antonio, TX and delivered a keynote address entitled Fish Skin: A Natural Inspiration for Novel Materials and Coatings during the symposium Green Materials Engineering; An EPD Symposium in Honor of Sergio Monteiro. Adam Drelich was the first author of this contribution. Prof. Drelich also co-authored the second keynote address entitled Natural Fibers Reinforced Polymer Composites Applied in Ballistic Multilayered Armor for Personal Protection: An Overview that was delivered by Prof. Sergio Monteiro from the Military Institute of Engineering in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The program of the Symposium on Biological Materials Science during this TMS meeting also included invited presentation Effect of Orientation on Water-repellant Legs of Water-walking Insects by Georgia Hurchalla and Jarek Drelich. This invited talk was also presented by Prof. Drelich.

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