Keynote Address

Jaroslaw Drelich in Poster Session

Prof. Jarek Drelich attended the XVIth International Conference on Surface Forces that took place this year in Kazan, Russia. He delivered a keynote address entitled Direct Measurements of Liquid Adhesion with Solids: Gateway to a Multi-Faceted Understanding of Contact Angles. He also presented a poster prepared by Georgia Hurchalla and entitled Water-Repellent Legs of Water Insects.
The meeting covered new scientific developments in the area of colloid and surface science from chemistry to physics and engineering with the emphasis on the fundamentals of surface interactions including wetting. This series of meetings was initiated in 1960 by famous Russian scientist academician B.V. Derjaguin.
The Conference program included seven keynote lectures, four days of oral presentations, and two poster sessions. The meeting took place in a center of tourist downtown of Kazan, and program included a tour to Sviyazhsk island.
Beside strong scientific program, attractive location, this meeting solidified a collaboration between SURFI and Russian Academy of Sciences.

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