Zn-Mg and Zn-Mg-Ca Alloys

Alloy Microstructure

The research team from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and led by Prof. Eli Aghion published, in collaboration with Prof. Goldman and SURFI, a new paper on two new zinc base alloys, Zn-1%Mg and Zn-1%Mg-0.5%Ca, which could serve as structural materials for biodegradable implants. This examination was carried out in in vitro conditions including immersion test, potentiodynamic polarization analysis, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and stress corrosion cracking assessment in terms of slow strain rate testing. In order to assess the cytotoxicity of the tested alloys, indirect cell viability was preformed using Saos-2 cells. The results obtained demonstrate that both zinc alloys can be considered as adequate candidates for biodegradable implants with a relative advantage to the Zn-1%Mg alloy in terms of its corrosion resistance and SCC performance.
The paper was published in the Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine and is entitled In vitro behavior of biodegradable implants based on Zn-1%Mg and Zn-1%Mg-0.5%Ca alloys.

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