SI Volume 4 Issue 4

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

The fourth issue of 2016 of Surface Innovations is available online. It contains four papers, starting with a review entitled “Superwettability integration: concepts, design and applications” by Moyuan Cao and Lei Jiang. This contribution offers a new and unique perspective on recent progress in design and application of complex integrated materials or integrated surface functionalities that produce uniquely premeditated surface wetting characteristics.
The penetration into and adhesion of a viscous binder to a porous solid matrix is an important problem within materials science and engineering, but has not received sufficient research attention in the past. In the article entitled “Evaluation of adhesion of asphalt binders using wicking experiments” by Artem Trofimov et al., the adhesion of an asphalt to a heterogeneous and porous rock is analyzed theoretically and experimentally.
Vijay Kumar Pal and his colleagues contribute to this issue with the technical report entitled “Hydrophobicity and tribology of large area textured Cu with nanogrown CuO.” The authors describe a method of fabricating copper surface with improved wear resistance and enhanced water repellency.
A briefing on slippery lubricant-infused porous surfaces and their application for anti-icing coatings was prepared by Yildrim Erbil and is entitled “Improvement of lubricant infused surfaces for anti-icing applications.” In this opinion, Dr. Erbil provides his perspective on technical and environmental challenges in formulation of anti-icing lubricant-based surfaces and coatings. He argues that water-based anti-freezing liquids should be favored in anti-icing applications since they have good ice accretion properties and environmental acceptance.

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