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Good-bye to Dr. Seitz

Jan Seitz

Jan Seitz

Dr. Jan-Marten Seitz has completed his one-year postdoctoral fellow program at Michigan Tech and is going back to Germany to start a new job, after his traveling across US with his wife. We are thankful to Dr. Seitz for his numerous strong contributions to our program on bioadsorbable medical materials. He elevated manufacturing of wires and stents to a new level, and helped us to establish several new collaborations in manufacturing industry and with research institutions in Germany. Dr. Seitz also designed and constructed new laboratory tools for handling and testing stents, which are detrimental to the success in upcoming testing of prototype stents. We also expect to commence a new research direction on bioabsorbable medical clips and sutures as the result of Dr. Seitz’ effort who summarized nicely previous research efforts in this area and proposed new directions.

Dr. Seitz will continue his involvement with our team in years to come and we expect that this fruitful collaboration will conclude with new joint inventions and publications.

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