SI Volume 10 Issue 4/5

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

The 4-5 issue of 2022 includes the Invited Feature Article and seven Original Research papers on a broad variety of topics. Hope you will find research inspirations after reading the following papers:

Triboinformatics: machine learning algorithms and data topology methods for tribology; Md Syam Hasan, Michael Nosonovsky; 10(4-5), pp. 229–242

Synthesis and characterization of chitosan-based ‘comb-like’ zwitterionic surfactants; Jing Xu, Jing-jing Du, Xiao-hui Han, Bo Wang, Zhang Zhang; 10(4-5), pp. 243–251

Hydrothermal treatment of the silver-incorporated MAO coated Ti6Al7Nb alloy; Dilek Teker Aydogan, Faiz Muhaffel, Huseyin Cimenoglu; 10(4-5), pp. 252–262

Fabrication of Joule heating coating layers by way of flame spraying for membrane distillation; Arian Enayat, Mohtada Sadrzadeh, André McDonald; 10(4-5), pp. 263–277

Effect of laser texturing pattern on Ti6Al4V tribocorrosion in a physiological solution; Marjetka Conradi, Tadeja Kosec, Bojan Podgornik, Aleksandra Kocijan, Janez Kovač, Damjan Klobčar; 10(4-5), pp. 278–288

Structural and electrical properties of irradiated flexible ZnO/PVA nanocomposite films; Eslam Abdeltwab, Ali Atta; 10(4-5), pp. 289–297

Triallyl ammonium amphiphiles: self-assembly and complexation with bovine serum albumin; Denis M Kuznetsov, Darya A Kuznetsova, Dinar R Gabdrakhmanov, Svetlana S Lukashenko, Yevgeniy N Nikitin, Lucia Ya Zakharova; 10(4-5), pp. 298–311

Novel composites made of natural and waste rubber loaded with lead nanoparticles for gamma radiation shielding; Ahmed M El-Khatib, Ahmed S Doma, Asmaa E Abu-Rayan, Nor S Aly, Mahmoud I Abbas; 10(4-5), pp. 312–328

Beside papers that have already been published in the first three issues of 2022, there are several Ahead of Print reports available on the journal website.

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