SI Volume 10 Issue 3

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

The third issue of 2022 includes the Invited Feature Article and five Original Research papers on a broad variety of topics. Hope you will find research inspirations after reading the following papers:

Evolution of antibacterial and antibiofouling properties of sharkskin-patterned surfaces; Sabra Rostami, Bora Garipcan; 10(3), pp. 165–190
Tuning water adhesion of superhydrophobic surface by way of facile laser–chemical hybrid process; Qinghua Wang, Huixin Wang; 10(3), pp. 191–199
Preparation of copper nanowires and thermal oxidation behaviour in dry oxygen; Xiangming Zeng, Peng Pan, Hao Qi, Zuming He, Jiangbin Su; 10(3), pp. 200–208
Yolk–shell structured sulfur composite cathode for high performance lithium–sulfur battery; Kaikai Tang, Jun Xiao, Mengqi Long, Jun Chen, Hong Gao, Hao Liu; 10(3), pp. 209–216
Study of the structure and properties of a high-entropy ceramic composite material; Peter O Rusinov, Zhesfina M. Blednova; 10(3), pp. 217–226

Beside papers that have already been published in the first three issues of 2022, there are several Ahead of Print reports available on the journal website.

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