SI Volume 9 Issue 5

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

In this closing issue of 2021 (Issue 5) we offer seven original research reports on antimicrobial coating, magnetic membranes, photocatalytic nanoparticles, the use of iron phosphide as an energy-storage material, low-reflectivity coating for surgical instrumentation, inhibitor of corrosion, and the use of expired medication in lithium-based batteries:

Novel nanostructured and antimicrobial PVDF-HFP/PVP/MoO3 composite; Urška Gradišar Centa, Meta Sterniša, Bojana Višić, Žiga Federl, Sonja Smole Možina, Maja Remškar; pp. 256–266
Fabrication of homogeneous magnetic PDMS membranes to mediate cell behavior; Berkay Erenay, Bora Garipcan, Sedat Odabaş; pp. 267–276
One-pot green synthesis of Ag@AgCl nanoparticles with excellent photocatalytic performance; Xiaoyan Guo, Sakil Mahmud, Xiaomin Zhang, Ningya Yu, K M Faridul Hasan; pp. 277–284
Hierarchical carbon-coated FeP derived from FeOOH with enhanced sodium-storage performance; Xiaofeng Liu, Wenbo Zhang, Shaoyong Zhong, Mengke Zhang, Shuo Tao, Jianru Ma, Lizhi Li, Wendi Zhang, Xiangyun Xie, Jianmin Zhang, Dan Li; pp. 285–292
Detailed study of the electrochemical behavior of low-reflectivity TiAlN coatings; Hernán D Mejía V., Aida M Echavarría, Gilberto Bejarano G.; pp. 293–307
Synergistic effect of inhibitor mixture based on enhanced electron transfer; Peng Han, Xiuzhi Wang, Xing Yang, Chenyang Xu, Fei Du, Liqing Shi, Ruiping Liu, Liying Song, Junqing Zhang, Lei Zhang; pp. 308–316
The recycling of expired aminocaproic acid injection for mint-leaf-like zinc aminocaproate; Hongying Hou, Jian Lan, Yuan Yao, Kun Meng, Baoxiang Huang, Hao Li; pp. 317–323

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