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SI Volume 9 Issue 2/3

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

We would like to share with you the content of the issue 2/3 of 2021 of Surface Innovations. This issue offers the Invited Feature Article on carbon coating of electrode materials for lithium ion batteries and eight original papers on variety of topics. Hope many of you will find something interesting among these nine quality papers.
Carbon coating of electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries; Andrey B Yaroslavtsev, Irina A Stenina; 9(2-3), pp. 92–110
Machine-learning methods to predict the wetting properties of iron-based composites; Amir Kordijazi, Hathibelagal M Roshan, Arushi Dhingra, Marco Povolo, Pradeep K Rohatgi, Michael Nosonovsky; 9(2-3), pp. 111–119
Structure and properties of the CoCuTiZrHf coating obtained by the HVOF method; Peter Rusinov, Zhesfina Blednova; 9(2-3), pp. 120–126
Structural behavior and mechanical properties of high-entropy coatings synthesized by HVOF; Peter Rusinov, Zhesfina Blednova; 9(2-3), pp. 127–138
Use of m-BiVO4/ZnFe2O4 composite materials for enhanced photocatalytic properties; Aiqiong Ma, Yunqin Gao, Dian Zhang, Xing Hou; 9(2-3), pp. 139–148
Density functional theory study of perfluorooctane sulfonate adsorption on fluorinated graphene; Laibao Liu, Liangliang Wu, Run Zhang, Lihua Zhang, Jialiang Hou, Chenghua Sun, Yunsheng Zhang, Youhong Tang, Hongping Zhang; 9(2-3), pp. 149–155
Electrospun PVDF-Ag@AgCl porous fiber membrane: stable antifoul and antibacterial surface; Ying Tian, You Shu, Xiaomin Zhang, Sakil Mahmud, Jin Zhu, Shengpei Su; 9(2-3), pp. 156–165
In situ preparation of antibacterial Ag particles on Ti6Al4V surfaces by spray deposition; Yaoxin Li, Dexin Chen, YinYing Sheng, Wei Li, Xiaojian Wang; 9(2-3), pp. 166–173
Preparation, characterisation and biocompatibility of microarc oxidation coating on tantalum; Quan-ming Zhao, Xiao-hui Ni, Xing-yuan Zhu, Xiao-dong Liu, Lu Zhang, Zhi-yong Zhang, Liu-bao Ren, Jun-yi Wang, Lei Yi; 9(2-3), pp. 174–181

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