SI Volume 9 Issue 1

Surface Innovations Journal

Surface Innovations, the journal

We would like to share with you the content of the first issue of 2021 of Surface Innovations. This issue offers the Invited Feature Article on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane/epoxy coatings and seven original papers on variety of topics. Hope many of you will find something interesting among these eight quality papers.

Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane/epoxy coatings: a review; F. Seidi, M. Jouyandeh, A. Taghizadeh, M. Taghizadeh, S. Habibzadeh, Y. Jin, H. Xiao, P. Zarrintaj, M.R. Saeb; 9(1), pp. 3–16
Enhanced dielectric properties of flexible Cu/polymer nanocomposite films; A. Atta; 9(1), pp. 17–24
Wool functionalization through AgNPs: coloration, antibacterial and wastewater treatment; K.M.F. Hasan, H. Wang, S. Mahmud, M.A. Taher, C. Genyang; 9(1), pp. 25–36
Rational design of CoNi alloy and atomic Co/Ni composite as an efficient electrocatalyst; J. Huo, L. Lu, Z. Shen, H. Gao, H. Liu; 9(1), pp. 37–48
Novel approach to enhancing remineralization of tooth surface by magnetic field exposure; M.I. El-Kaliuoby, R. Hamouda, A.M. El-Khatib; 9(1), pp. 49–56
Controllable crystallization by way of solvent engineering for perovskite solar cells; H. Cai, J. Yang, X. Ye, J. Su, J. Ni, J. Li, J. Zhang; 9(1), pp. 57–64
Surface plasma treatment (Ar/CF4) decreases biofouling on polycarbonate surfaces; F. Faÿ, F. Poncin-Epaillard, T. Le Norcy, I. Linossier, K. Réhel; 9(1), pp. 65–76
Functional properties of metallocomplexes with glucamine moiety/Ctab micellar systems; M.R. Ibatullina, E.P. Zhiltsova, S.S. Lukashenko, I.R. Nizameev, A.D. Voloshina, A.S. Sapunova, O.A. Lenina, M.K. Kadirov, L.Y. Zakharova; 9(1), pp. 77–87

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