Biodegradable Medical Materials


The SURFI team is involved with organization and preparation of the International Symposium “Biodegradable Materials for Medical Applications” at The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society (TMS) 2018 Annual Meeting. This international symposium is organized by the TMS Biomaterials Committee. The inaugural edition of a similar symposium was held at the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting, with the second meeting in 2016, and both meetings were a runaway success. These two previous meetings were limited to magnesium-based materials. This time we want to bring experts from both academia and industry who have experience with biodegradable metals (Mg, Fe, and Zn) and polymers. The papers anticipated will cover all classes of absorbable implants including cardiovascular, orthopedic, wound closure, and emerging implant applications. Specific focus areas are anticipated to include material selection and development, in vitro and in vivo degradation, and biodegradable medical device design/certification.

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