TMS 2017


The 2017 TMS Annual Meeting took place in San Diego, CA, this year. The SURFI team was represented by Shan Zhao and Dr. Drelich. Shan presented a poster on Zn-Li alloy materials and their biocompatibility in endovascular environment. Dr. Drelich delivered two oral presentations. First presentation was on biodegradation and biocompatibility of Zn implants with nano-engineered surfaces and second one on antimicrobial ceramics. Dr. Drelich also chaired two sessions of the International Symposium entitled “Energy Technology” that he co-organized with Dr. Lei Zhang from the University of Alaska and a few others.
Finally, Dr. Drelich also proposed a new international symposium entitled “Biodegradable Materials for Medical Applications” to the TMS Biomaterials Committee, which was accepted and will take place during the 2018 TMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

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