Publication on Zn-Li Alloys

MMTA Journal

Graduate student Shan Zhao led the project on formulation of new Zn-Li alloys for biomedical applications. In her first paper on Zn-Li alloys she reports a preparation of new Zn-xLi alloys (with x=2, 4, 6 at%). Structures of the formulated binary alloys were characterized by x-ray diffraction and optical microscopy. Mechanical testing showed that the incorporation of Li into Zn increased ultimate tensile strength from 560 MPa (x=6 at%). In vitro corrosion behavior was evaluated by immersion tests in simulated body fluid. The Zn-2Li and Zn-4Li corrosion study demonstrated that corrosion rates and products resemble those observed for pure Zn in vivo, and in addition, the Zn-4Li alloy exhibits higher resistance to corrosion as compared to Zn-2Li. The findings herein encourage further exploration of Zn-Li systems for structural use in biomedical vascular support applications with the ultimate goal of simplifying stent procedures thereby reducing stent related complications.
The findings are published in the Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A in the article entitled Structural Characteristics and In Vitro Biodegradation of a Novel Zn-Li Alloy Prepared by Induction Melting and Hot Rolling.

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