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Teaching Abroad

Prof. Drelich’s proposal on teaching a short course in India has been accepted by the Indian Government. Together with Prof. N.V. Ravikumar, he will teach a one-week course on Contact Angles: Measurements, Interpretation and Modern Applications at the Indian Institute … Continue reading

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Visitor from China

Dr. Hua-Lan Jin arrived to Houghton a few days ago. She holds the Assistant Professor position in the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Nanchang University – Nanchang, P.R. China. Dr. Jin worked on magnesium-based biodegradable alloys and their … Continue reading

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Sugarcane Waste in Armors

The residue obtained from sugarcane juice extraction, in sugar and ethanol production, is known as bagasse. At the industrial mill, bagasse is either incinerated for steam and power generation or discarded as a waste. The incorporation of bagasse waste into … Continue reading

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Cytotoxicity Study for Zn

Zinc (Zn) and its alloys have been introduced by our team as a new class of biodegradable metals with potential application for making biodegradable vascular stents. Although our previous feasibility in vivo study suggested biocompatibility of Zn –based implants in … Continue reading

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