Good-bye to Dilek and Adam

Dilek Party

Ambassador Restaurant

We had a memorable good-bye party for Dilek and Adam in the Ambassador restaurant last Friday. Dilek Arslon has completed has one-year visiting program entitled Experimental and theoretical analysis of molecular interactions in different originated colemanite suspensions at Michigan Tech. We are grateful to Dilek for her input to our program on mineral processing and surface chemistry of minerals. We wish her successful completion of her PhD program in Turkey, and hope to host her again.

Adam took a leadership in two projects this summer. He investigated the effect of zinc oxide film thickness and structure on biodegradation of zinc wires. He also prepared and characterized antimicrobial stones. We are thankful to Adam for his dedication to his two projects and large number of valuable data that he generated in such short period. We wish him success in his pharmacy program at the University of Michigan.

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