Review on medical sutures



Dr. Jan-Marten Seitz, who left our research team a few months ago after spending one year postdoctoral fellowship program, has just published a review article entitled “Recent Advances in Biodegradable Metals for Medical Sutures: A Critical Review” in Advanced Healthcare Materials. In this review, biodegradable alloys made of Fe, Mg and Zn are critically evaluated as potential materials for the manufacturing of both soft and hard tissue sutures. In the case of soft tissue closing and stitching, these metals have to compete against currently available degradable polymers. In the case of hard tissue closing and stitching, biodegradable sternal wires could replace the permanent sutures made of stainless steel or titanium alloys. This review discusses the specific materials and degradation properties required by all suture materials and summarizes current suture testing protocols. It provides a well-grounded direction for the potential future use and continued development of biodegradable metals in post-surgical suturing and stitching of open wounds. The paper is co-authored by Dr. Martin Durisin from Hannover Medical School, Prof. Jeremy Goldman (Biomedical Engineering) and Prof. Jaroslaw Drelich from Michigan Tech.

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