Visit in China

CSU China

Central South University

Dr. Drelich was recently invited by Prof. Yuehua Hu to the Central South University in Changsha (China) and spent there one week at the beginning of December. He delivered three seminars on topics related to wetting phenomena on rough surfaces, mineral surface charges, and antibacterial vermiculite. This visit provided an opportunity for interactions with faculty and staff of the School of Natural Resources and Mining. Incredible hospitality of Chinese hosts, combined with tasty spicy food of Hunan province made great impression on Dr. Drelich.
Additionally, Dr. Drelich visited several historical places including 1300-years old Phoenix Ancient Town (中国湖南省湘西自治州凤凰古城) in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture of Hunan province. This visit to China has concluded with a new research collaboration between the Surface Innovations research team and the Central South University in the area of surface chemistry of minerals and mineral processing.

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